Jennifer Cole is a mother to three boys and an operations director of a facilities management company and lives with her husband and children in Lancashire, UK.

Her favourite things are;

  • Finding new ways of learning how to make life happier and easier and overall less stressful!
  • Helping others learn the tools to do it too.
  • And noticing that people have taken the time to post a good review on Amazon to help authors sell more books (Over enthusiastic wink!) 

Jennifer will be sharing her experiences as her wonderful little boys grow, continuing to pass down any little gems of advice that could help other parents on twitter @JHColeAuthor and on Facebook.

Recommended reads

Books that got me through some of my toughest times and might help you too are:

  • Toddlers are assholes: It’s not your fault – by Sopha King Tyerd
  • Hurrah for gin: A book for perfectly imperfect parents – by Katie Kirby
  • Choose yourself! – by James Altucher
  • Toddlers: A Mumsnet guide: The Answers to Everything – by Mumsnet and Morningpaper and the Mumsnet Mums